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gaia holistic therapies stockport, aromatherapy massage stockport, swedish massage stockport, body massage stockport, reflexology stockport, shoulder massage stockport, neck massage stockport, deep tissue massage stockport, stress relief massage stockport, holistic massage therapy stockport
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Treatments Available

THE GAIA MASSAGE – Paradise in motion

Gaia’s ‘Signature’ Massage is a unique experience, gorgeously relaxing yet deeply therapeutic. This very special treatment using warm aromatic oil, the deep and varied rhythmic strokes of Swedish massage and the longer flowing continuous strokes of lomi lomi create a wonderfully hypnotic, therapeutic and relaxing massage. Deeper techniques on specific areas of the body using the hands will ease tired aching muscles, reduce tension and improve circulation, while slower, longer, more fluid strokes with the whole hands, forearms and body pressure, gliding in wave like motions up and down the length of the body, bring your mind to a place of absolute stillness, and your body into a blissful state of total relaxation.

1 hour 45 mins – £70.00

LOMI LOMI MASSAGE – Sublimely flowing, deeply connecting

Lomi Lomi, or Hawaiian massage, is a unique full body massage that will send you into a deeply relaxed state of inner peace. Warm aromatic oils blend with wave after wave of long flowing movements around the contours of the body. Controlled pressure, creates a seamless, connected and wonderfully fluid massage. The nurturing and healing intent is directed through touch and proximity. This helps to establish trust on all levels enabling you to feel a total sense of well-being and positive self awareness. It is especially healing for stress, poor self image, low esteem, trauma, lack of confidence and direction and disunity of body, mind and spirit. Or just come and discover the Spirit of Aloha with this beautiful massage from Hawaii.

1 hour 30 mins – £65.00

DEEP SWEDISH MASSAGE – The feel good factor

Swedish massage is one of the more traditional, well known and much loved treatments. Aromatic oil or plain gel is massaged into the body using a wide variety of strokes and techniques, it is deep, yet enlivening to ease tired aching muscles, improve circulation, detoxify the body, and release tension. It is very effective for relieving all forms of stress and promotes a fabulous sense of well-being with long lasting effects. Being 90 minutes to 2hours long means you have plenty of time to relax, unwind and enjoy. A truly effective & enjoyable treatment.

1 hour 30 mins – £55.00
2 hours – £75.00

AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE – Gentle and nurturing

Essential oils are aromatic plant extracts and have been used in medicine for thousands of years to improve health and well-being. Each oil has different therapeutic properties, so using a carefully selected blend of oils created just for you, this gentle massage will gently restore balance to your body and mind, calm and soothe you, and take away your tension. This massage is gentle and slower than some other massages so there is less muscular work, but deep relaxation will follow. I am also qualified to make aromatherapy products which make beautiful and individual gifts. Ask me for details.

1 hour 30 mins – £55.00
2 hours – £75.00

THE FUSION MASSAGE – Seriously long, perfect pampering.

This fabulous treatment incorporates three massage types, a fusion of Swedish, Lomi Lomi and Indian ayurvedic. Warm herbal oil is blended and then massaged into the body using a mix of strokes and techniques that range from long and flowing, deep and penetrating, fast and invigorating, to slow and relaxing. The head and face can be included, to create a very long and very luxurious pampering treatment. After the massage, hot flannels and a warm towel are used to cleanse and dry you, leaving you feeling refreshed warm and revitalised. Then sit back and enjoy your choice of herbal tea or fruit juice for a perfect holistic experience. This luxury treatment is seriously long, but is a truly unique and effective way to relax, revive and rejuvenate mind and body.

2 hours 30 minutes – £100.00

BACK, NECK & SHOULDER MASSAGE – Therapeutic, effective pain relief, relaxing

These massages are designed to be flexible and tailored to your needs. Because back problems can range from a simple ‘niggle’ through constant discomfort to the downright unbearable, I have designed a range of massages to help with your assessed needs. Whether it’s general pain relief for the whole back, or treatment for a specific problem area, a variety of massage techniques and effective aromatherapy will be used to relieve your discomfort. However, if you are wanting a back massage for total relaxation then try the back neck shoulder and scalp massage. Great after a hard day’s work!

45 mins – £30.00
1 hour – £40.00
1 hour including scalp – £45.00

SPORTS MASSAGE – Deep, remedial and effective

A massage that is aimed at the more athletic and sporty client. Mainly used to help condition tone and stimulate muscles pre-event and relax tired achy muscles post-event. Techniques employed range from a deep and therapeutic massage of the legs and back to targeted deep tissue massage on specific problem areas. All clients have a consultation to discuss relevant and appropriate treatment.
Aromatherapy oils are used to great effect here to stimulate or relax deep muscles tissue and help relieve pain.

1 hour – £40.00

INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE – Clearing calming and refreshing

Indian head massage concentrates on the upper back, shoulders, neck, head, scalp, forehead and face. It promotes deep relaxation by using authentic Indian techniques. Oil is massaged into the upper back, neck and shoulders using a mix of traditional Indian massage and shiatsu or acupressure. Next the head and scalp is treated to a relaxing and nourishing massage, with or without oil, and the forehead and face are included using gentle strokes. It is helpful for releasing tension held in the upper back shoulders and neck, sinus pain, insomnia, migraines and headaches. But just for sheer relaxation and pampering it is surely unsurpassed. This wonderful and therapeutic massage is (in the words of my clients) “Total bliss” and one of the most beautiful and relaxing holistic experiences you can have.

1 hour – £40.00
45 minutes – £30.00

REFLEXOLOGY – Holistic rebalancing, deeply relaxing for mind and body

Reflexology is an Eastern treatment, based on the principle that all the organs and systems of the body correspond and connect with reflex points on the feet. Work on these reflex points using specialised massage with the fingers and thumbs can help correct any imbalances and blockages of energy throughout the body. It is deeply relaxing and therapeutic and can be very effective for stress related conditions and nervous disorders. For a little more pampering add on my aromatherapy foot spa for a lovely refreshing and de-stressing experience.

1 hour – £37.00
Including foot spa – £42.00

LUXURY BODY TREATMENTS – Pampering at its best – a complete treat for the body.

BODY BRUSH, AROMATIC SOAP SCRUB AND MASSAGE – Cleansing exfoliating and relaxing

A wonderful three element whole body treatment to cleanse, revitalize tired skin and then relax you. Firstly your body will be brushed from top to toe with both linear and circular strokes using a soft natural body brush. This prepares your skin for the aromatic soap scrub which gently but effectively cleanses and exfoliates, leaving your whole body refreshed and revitalized. The final element of this treatment is a full body massage using warm oil that feels luxuriously silken on the body. Don’t just do this for your face, treat your whole body to the best and most luxurious ‘cleanse tone and moisturize’ experience ever! You deserve it.

3 hours – £120.00

FRAGRANT SUGAR SCRUB AND MASSAGE – Exfoliating purifying and relaxing

A lovely two element whole body treatment to rejuvenate tired skin and then relax you. The fragrant sugar scrub is used to exfoliate your whole body and will leave your skin feeling alive and refreshed in preparation for your choice of relaxing or enlivening massage.

2 hours 30 mins – £100.00
3 hours – £120.00


All the above therapies work with the normal functions of the body, working with symptoms and not against them. A person’s individuality is taken into account, everyone is different and no standard treatment can be appropriate for all individuals. The treatment strategy works towards both physical and emotional health therefore there is no time limit or fixed end to courses of treatments. The client is an integral part of the process by helping to take responsibility for their own health with emphasis on self healing.

The company reserves the right to refuse or terminate treatment should it be necessary, or in the interest of the client, therapist, or company. Gaia Holistic Therapies offers a pleasant environment where clients feel safe and nurtured. Mutual respect is paramount in creating the desired atmosphere for a successful therapeutic relationship and effective enjoyable treatment.


Being touched is one of our earliest life experiences, a means of communication, affirmation and expression. It provides a sense of identity, bonding us with others and helping to build confidence and self esteem. Holistic massage promotes physical and emotional well being through the art and science of touch therapy.

Massage for stress relief and relaxation

Feeling stressed is more than just an emotional perception, it is real and can be a direct result of what is happening around you. If you allow yourself to get worked up on a regular basis bottling things up, you could be causing yourself physical harm. Emotional stress can change the internal environment of the body chemistry, causing unwelcome problems. Massage can increase the stimulation of chemical transmitters such as endorphins and enkephalins that help promote feelings of well being and lift your mood. Of course massage is also very pleasurable and relaxing. In today’s hectic lifestyles we rarely allow ourselves time to just “chill out” and totally relax. Massage treatment is perfect for doing just that. It’s calming effect on the nervous system make it the ultimate in relaxation therapy.

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